overlay giant palm trees
3 wall decos
shower wall bamboo
wntry hall haleconia
peace lily stove splash
overlay shower turtle
shower wall dolphin
large shower wall haleconia
shower wall haleconia
2 way entry haleconia
peace lily wall mural
pineapple splash mural
taro plant in shower wall
haleconia and glass shower border
tropical corner mural
2 pineapples with rocks set in diamond shaped background
swimming pool water wall detail
3 turtles swimming on shower wall
carved copperslate pineapple entry mural
turtle family entry floor mural
whale reef mural
close up of shower wall bamboo
two ovwelay wall turtle reef.
tropical stair top mural
dolphin reef kitchen splash
tub wall 3 piece reef mural
Haleconia shower wall  bourder
entry haleconia
palm tree in shower wall
All designs and photographs belong to Makena Tile Murals. Permission required to copy or otherwise reproduce my designs.
shower wall bird of paradise
door mural
kitchen haleconia
side view of installed overlay turtle
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bamboo entry mural