Mural Shipping Information

Finished murals up to 5' x 2.5' (70lb limit) are safely shipped via Fed Express.
Those that exceed those limits can be shipped in several pieces.

Ready to order? Call (909)952-1333 or email me
picture of a tile mural in a shipping crate I built
shipping crate showing east carry handles


    I build a wood crate sized to fit the mural. The mural is held tightly pressed between 2 thick pieces of
    cushion foam. The crate is secured shut with Phillip's head screws. Handles are then attached on top
    for ease in carrying.

    I charge a flat rate of $27 for the cost of the crate materials.

    When the mural is ready to ship- it's weighed and Fed Ex calculates the cost of shipping. I contact you
    with the total so you can make your final payment including the shipping.

    Once the payment is received - your crate will be shipped and will arrive in 4-6 days.
SHIPPING COST: To ship an 18x18 mural to Florida costs around $50
International shipping is available. A handling charge of $25 will be
added for international orders, along with the fees for customs etc.